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Chapter 7 Means Test

Chapter 7 means test is a required form and set of calculations that determines whether a person is eligible to file Chapter 7 consumer bankruptcy.

The means test is a two-step process which begins with a median income comparison. If your current monthly income (CMI) is at or below the state median income, you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If your income is higher than the state median income, it doesn’t mean that you can’t file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but rather triggers the second step of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy means test–calculating disposable income. Current monthly income is an average of your last six months income, excluding Social Security benefits. Disposable income is your current monthly income minus expenses times 60. Currently, if your disposable income is less than $7,025, you still pass the means test. If your disposible income is more than $7,025 but less than $11,725 and the disposable income cannot pay at least 25% unsecured debt, you pass the means tests. provides a free means test calculator.  If you are unsure whether an item applies to your situation,  contact us for a free initial consultation.

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